Activism by Duplication: "Untitled" (Death by Gun) (1990) 1 Favorite 



Jan 1 1991


MoMa, MIMA, and others

Activism through print media is often done through duplication: posters, flyers, magazines, manifestos. But with these media, each individual duplicate holds the same, political message.

In Felix Gonzalez-Torres's "Untitled" (Death by Gun) (1990), a stack of posters are placed in the gallery space for people to take with them. As the pile is depleted, more posters are printed.

The page has on it the portraits of over 100 people who had died by gunshot during the week of May 1–7, 1989, as well as a brief description of their death. While the phrasing and portraits do not appear to be political in isolation, by putting each individual in context by placing their stories next to others, and then duplicating the page into a never-ending stack of posters, the work grows to become a plea against gun violence.

The work has been recreated in many galleries since it's original installation.

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