8-Year-Old Creates ‘Buddy Bench’ For His Classmates Who Don't Have Playmates 4 Favorite 



Dec 6 2013


York, PA

"Eight-year-old Christian Bucks from Roundtown Elementary School noticed that some of his classmates did not have any friends to play with during recess.

His solution was to introduce a “Buddy Bench”, where lonely classmates could choose to sit if they wanted a playmate. If two children were seated there, they could ask each other if they wanted to play or talk.

Bucks got the idea when his father showed him a German school that had a “Buddy Bench.” The child proposed this idea to the principal, Matthew Miller, who went to look for a suitable one.

The second-grader chose the design and color of the bench, and was the first one to sit on it when it arrived.

He says that he hopes this seat will help his peers “grow [their] dream circle of friends.”

Sometimes, a simple idea is all it takes for people to reach out to one another. "

TEXT BY Thia Shi Min, for designtaxi.com

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