Sep 9 2013


UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA

Berkeley, CA 9/9/13

We are a group of concerned university students, gathering here today on campus to demonstrate our opposition to a war on Syria. As students who study Molecular Cell Biology, Peace and Conflict Studies, Public Health, and History, we understand the impact and significance that a U.S. military attack would have on Syria and the rest of the world. And with that understanding, we stand here today to vocalize our opposition to a U.S. military attack, yet also putting forth that we do not support neglecting the situation in Syria. We understand the sensitivity of the Syrian Civil War and do not advocate the position of “standing idly by” that Obama spoke out against at the G-20 Summit last week. However, we feel that a military strike by the U.S., no matter the intensity, scope, or range, is a counterproductive and harmful step towards a more cohesive and cooperative world.

With this three-tiered art demonstration in front of Dwinelle Hall, we invite the community to ask themselves the following questions: are there more than these two options given to us by mainstream media? Are bombing Syria or “standing idly by” the only two options available in handling this highly complex international issue? Are there other possible options to explore? And why isn’t the Obama Administration exploring these other options?

As young people of the U.S., we have seen the disastrous outcomes of endless wars in the Middle East and feel compelled to act to prevent another addition to these endless wars. More bombs and killings cannot solve issues, they will only create more. As students who comprehend the atrocities that could follow a military attack on Syria, we stand here today hoping that our government will too.

- a group of concerned students at UC Berkeley

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