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Apr 20 2018

You get a flat tire. You fail a test. You lose a job. You lose a relationship. It’s so easy to let the struggles of life consume and affect the way we think and react. Broadly, negativity is something that everyone is faced with on a day to day basis. It comes in many forms, and everyone deals with it differently. It seems as though negativity can make it difficult to acknowledge any positive aspect of any situation. A study shows that 80% of our thoughts are negative. As staggering as that statistic is, it makes one wonder if there is any hope of a
positive outcome. However, it is up to the individual to decide how any given circumstance is going to affect and direct their life. Unfortunately, there is no cure-all to completely rid negativity from your life. Sure, there are countless articles that speak to this issue and attempt to offer a solution. Sure, some may be helpful, others too idealistic. Assuringly, there is hope for positive outcomes, and it is attainable within your own reach through a combination of mental attitudes, and a senior college student’s thesis:

Optimistic Realism. This way of thinking combines both optimism and realism. It allows one to be hopeful and confident about the future while accepting situations as they are. This way of thinking, while practiced by some, arose from a senior college student’s thesis project focused on an activist approach to negativity. The goal is not to fix or get rid of negativity, but to simply offer a solution that anyone can apply to their own lives. Through handwritten typography, a series of posters with encouraging quotes, films that spark
positive outlooks, and a card that reads “I’m happy you’re here, pass it on”, they are a humble, humanistic approach to promote positivity amongst others. “It is my hope that some people will ultimately be interested enough to try this mental attitude themselves”.

First, it starts with you. Humans are naturally negative. It is important to identify that and recognize when negativity strikes. It can be caused by our own thoughts and can arise from any situation. Recognizing when it occurs is the most important step. The next is equally important. It all comes down to a personal decision. How am I going to let this affect me and my day? It won’t always be easy, but it can make a dramatic difference in your outlook on life.

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