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Dec 12 2012


Steubenville OH, Online

During the Steubenville, Ohio rape case in 2012, members of Anonymous uncovered and promised to release names of unindicted participants in the rape of a teenager by high school athletes.

From Wikipedia:
"On December 24, following national newspaper coverage, the hacker collective Anonymous threatened to reveal the names of other unindicted alleged participants.[18] In December 2012, KnightSec, an offshoot of Anonymous, hacked an unaffiliated website, posting a demand for an apology by school officials and local authorities, who had allegedly covered up the incident in order to protect the athletes and school's program. KnightSec followed up their December hack on January 1, 2013, posting a video featuring the "self-proclaimed 'rape crew' from the night of the attack, making jokes about what had happened." There are allegations that more people participated in the incident. One of the hackers was later indicted under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Deric Lostutter, who donned a Guy Fawkes mask and was interviewed by CNN, was later raided by the FBI with a warrant targeting his involvement in the incident."

Following the leak, members of KnightSec, led by user KYAnonymous, organized a protest in Steubenville. According to RollingStone, "With the support of celebrities, civilians, and well known Anons, [KYAnonymous] quickly organized two rallies in Steubenville called Occupy Steubenville, on behalf of the victim. On December 29, over 1000 people gathered outside the courthouse in Steubenville for KY's protest. Many donned Guy Fawkes masks, and took to a microphone to voice their support and share their stories. In a dramatic turn, some of them spoke of their own sexual assaults and rapes, removing their masks to show themselves to the crowd." The success of the protest led to further investigation into the coverups on the part of the high school and members of the community, ultimately leading to the public calling for justice for the victim.

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