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May 1 2014


Across the USA

Happy Hippie Foundation was created by American singer Miley Cyrus in 2014. The organization based out of Los Angeles is an initiative geared toward ending abuse, intolerance, and discrimination facing LGBTQ youth - often leading to homelessness. By using her visual and vocal artistry to raise awareness concerning homelessness and AIDS prevention, Cyrus is able to set an example and create lasting influence. Speaking out at her live concerts, award ceremonies, and highly followed social media accounts, she has launched an impressive non-profit that raises funding and is an agent for change. The foundation's online presence also serves as an online support group for LGBTQ youth communities. One of her simpler projects is to photoshop the Happy Hippie merchandise onto the clothes or faces of prominent celebrities because in her own words " everyone wants to wear what Kim and Kanye wear." With the help of Facebook they were able to add a 'donate' button to their page so that every time someone checks the latest post, or watches a special 'backyard session' music video, donating is merely a click away.

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