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May 14 2003



Fundacion Via Libre is an Argentinian digital rights group that advocates for more user awareness of internet surveillance and policy. To build this awareness the group not only conducts activist projects and attend events, but they also work with legislative bodies to reflect the growing technology and protect users. FLOSSWorld is a research group funded by the European Union to conduct studies on open source software, since there are no metrics of definitive impact of open source software. FLOSSWorld seeks to lead the way in research on open source software, provide communication between nations, enhance EU stance in internet governance policy and hopes to bring sustainable development of open source software by providing more information open the software. While this seemingly unfitting of an activist project, this group does touch upon important political issues regarding the future of technology. With the rise in open source software and as technology advances, expanding globally, there will be a need to educate people on the rising technology in order to be aware of the technology and its impact. This particular project is aimed at the legislative bodies that represent the masses in international conferences on the subject of technology and internet governance, which seems to be becoming more of an important issue as more countries obtain the technology, join the tech world and the internet. This group could possibly gain more attention if make light of the general user effects from open source software or focusing more on the human aspect of the issue, such as coder rights.

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