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Jun 14 2011



Farmification is a part-time farming scheme to help migrant workers gain control over their futures in relation to their past values. Before, these workers were farmers, producing food for themselves and for others, but now having migrated into factories these producers became consumers. Who’s making all the food now? Over years, Farmification as a quiet meme migrated in making statements indirectly, without a voice of conflict from the doer.
Since 2012 onwards, the largest iron factory, losing demand as a result of a burst property bubble, took Farmification into practice by invested billions of dollars into pig farming, starting a series of weekly newspaper comic strips and uprooting the national idealism of progress and profession.

The goal of the project is to create a global dialogue about how technological demands impact world food economy and initiate large-scale transitions between industries: a form of passive activism that is productive.

All information from Arte Util.

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