Fare strike for free public transport Favorite 



Sep 1 2001


Stockholm, Sweden

In the autumn of 2001 the fare strike started in Stockholm. A hike in fares forced us - activists in the Syndicalist Youth federation - to take action.

The strike is organized by a mutual fund that covers the tickets that members receive. The strike made us go beyond mere opinions and transformed the weakness of not having a ticket into a collective force. The other half of Planka.nu is a campaign to implement free public transport - for a juster, more healty and climate-friendly city.

Planka.nu had a storm of attention and soon formed a independent organization. During the years our focus has widened to include the whole city planning, struggles against motorways and aganist the hunt for immigrants in the subway.

Our views on these matters are expressed in our report-turned-book The Traffic Hierarchy, and the report is availible in english.

Soon 12 years after the start of the campaign, we are a constant reminder of resistance for authorites and organize different actions while the fare strike keep on running.

There are similar campaigns in different swedish cities, and globally the free public transport-struggle involves groups reaching from poland to Brazil.

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