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Mar 28 2015


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Earth hour represents the knowledge that we must all work together to combat climate change and protect our planet.

At 8:30pm, local time, turn off all the lights in your home.

7 thousand cities across 162 countries are set to participate. Huge landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower will be turning out their lights.

Please SHARE this event with everyone you know.
Speaking of sharing...

Above is a breakdown of the collective effort for environmental activism. I suspect some skepticism or inquiry as to how this demonstrates creative activism; it does not seem to me to be activist art, however. As a creative solution to the impending crisis, the struggle for environmental protection despite the extensive political protest by Senator Al Gore, the most ironic aspect I find in their strategy was how tactfully the event was publicized. The following examines the virtual context used to recruit support, the sensible and simplistic approach that any one can participate in a difficult issue.

I originally came across this information as a post on Facebook, shared by a close friend and appearing in the newsfeed feature. When discussing Facebook, the public opinion of which becomes vague. While many are able to acknowledge the benefits to social media networks, there is still the pervasive sentiment that it degrades a sense of community and the development of identity. Regardless, whether for or against or apathetic to its use, there is a common assumption that "everybody has a face book." To varying degrees of course, some subscribe to the site as a part of everyday life; in turn, recreating interpersonal communication. Nonetheless, having an online presence has become an essential tool for marketing, networking, connecting. Despite the generation of selfies, using the manipulated image to represent a persona rather than the authenticity of a person, this remains a viable tool for insightful and motivating outreach. Specifically, members are able to post opportunities that can empower many social actors living within the same image-saturated society. It does NOT have to be as banal as informing their (overestimated) friends that "I'm tired and sick and its snowing outside."

So while this specific platform balances the subjective-veracity of images with the ir- (or maybe) relevant and meaningful status updates... that, despite its superficial reputation, Facebook's saving grace is the Share feature. If visibility is the current for celebrity culture, then visibility is likewise a viable avenue for altruistic activist to broadcast their agenda. Sharing is spreading the news, "followers" want the news directly presented on their newsfeed; unsubscribe to the routine of swiping passed all your "friends" confessions and observations (depending on the real value of that friend in your life) and tune into what is HAPPENING out there in the WORLD WIDE WEB. (remember w.w.w. days?) This doesn't have to serve as a local popularity contest.

Stepping away from the debate about Facebook ethics, I want you to consider ONE final thing: if sharing is spreading information, then is this enough for action? Knowing is easily denied. Doing becomes a personal incentive. Perhaps the bridge between these two areas of thought and action could be conversation. If you are interested, I included a photo of some of the comment wall, as well as the statistics of "like" and "shares" just to understand the gravity of this situation. Reading some of the comments, it became quickly apparent of the mockery and belittling of a goal so large to be realistic, calling for world wide action; this signifies the apathetic. The second noticeable response were the critics, who ridiculed the attempt as ineffective. While serious responses weighed out the idealistic value with the practical responsibility for everyone involved to get involved, supported the intentions whole-heartedly; this is not to say they participated but agreed with the purpose of it.

I concluded that the goal was either misunderstood, unclearly indicated, or misinterpreted due to the size of the endeavor. It seems reasonable to assume that the function of this initiative is to bring awareness concerning the state of OUR environment; however, this rather profoundly underlines the real message: to create solidarity. The planet's condition threatens us all; it may not be as immediate as the threat of your home being foreclosed but the objective is clear, and intentionally simplistic. Earth Hour is not proposing to solve the damaged conditions of the current climate by turning your lights off. Instead, it is calling for solidarity in the matter, because we ARE in this together and it takes every effort no matter how slight to HELP prevent the continuing decline of Earth's natural ecosystem, which is symbiotic to our own survival after all. However remotely pressing the issue seems at large, it is the little ways we can contribute in respect for our environment, and not to take it for granted.

Just simply turn off all the lights in your home, and be grateful.

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