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Feb 8 2013



AirFood Project has one goal:

Stop budget cut of the European food aid programme

But they have multiple means, actions, focus:
- They want to raise awareness about hunger issue in Europe, but ultimately the European Union budget cut to the food aif programme.
- They seek support such as getting more people to eat emptyness rather than food. They invite peop3to report their campaigns through pictures and videos. -- They have a petition to sign on their website
- They mobilize the public opinion amd opinion leaders

Here is how advertizer without borders describe them:
"A very simple and powerful way to rise awarness about food aid issue in Europe. The campagin´s goal is to influence european public leaders to vote in the European Union´s Council that is to take place in november and december of this year, for a food aid programme that could be discontinued otherwise, resulting in the cessation of access to first-necessity food for 20 million europeans, in a severe economic crisis context."

Eventually, it is now February 2013, and the European Union postponed the vote. Airfood project is calling for more Air Food campaigns and raise more awareness.
We will soon find out whether it was an effective campaign. I sure hope so!

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