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Mar 8 2015



Our campaign aims to abolish article 153 from Kuwait’s penal code, which effectively gives men regulatory, judicial and executive power over their female kin in blatant disregard of the constitution, international agreements on human and women’s rights and even the Islamic Sharia.

This law states that any man who surprises his mother, sister, daughter or wife in an unsavory sexual (zinna) act with a man and kills her or him or both will be treated as committing a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of 3 years jail time and/or a fine of 3000 rupees (KD 14).

Our aim is to also build coalitions across the GCC and the Arab world to abolish similar laws across the region.

Ultimately our goal is to create a safe environment where mothers, daughters, sisters and wives are protected from all forms of violence, to raise awareness of these violent practices and the legislation that sanctions them, and ensure the creation of safe houses for women under threat of violence, which are lacking in Kuwait.

Abolish 153 supports not only legal change but those who suffer as a consequence of existing legislation. With no shelters or resources for survivors, our team has become involved in many cases and your support is essential for our continued ability to help those in need.

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