ABILITY Lab at NYU 2 Favorite 



May 26 2015


and New York City

The ABILITY Lab is an interdisciplinary research space dedicated to the development of adaptive and assistive technologies. The Lab is open to NYU students and faculty of all fields looking to create inclusive systems, design human-centered projects, and further intellectual and clinical research around areas of ability.

Projects incubated at the Lab are intended to be ongoing, multi-disciplinary, and client-facing, with a strong emphasis on open source practices, partnerships with NYC-based advocacy groups and agencies, and service learning opportunities for students across NYU.

The AT&T NYU Connect Ability Challenge is a three-month global software development competition leveraging mobile and wireless technologies to improve the lives of people living with disabilities.

This new initiative strives to help millions of people with disabilities by matching developer talent and client users with disabilities. Together you can imagine, create and refine new innovations that break down barriers to independence and self-expression.

For these innovations to be readily accessible to people with disabilities, developers are encouraged to leverage familiar, cost-efficient smart phone, wearable and everyday wireless technologies.

Through in-person and virtual programming, the Connect Ability Challenge facilitates participatory development, embraces user-centered design and rewards universal design so new innovations can be adopted immediately and by as many people as possible.

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